Mental Health

The Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT) project is a 3-year initiative, funded by SAMHSA and launched in September 2018, that focuses on increasing awareness and knowledge of mental health in order to reduce substance abuse, depression, suicide, violence, and other behavioral health concerns.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training provides specialized training to individuals and organizational partners that interact with at-risk populations. Our target demographic includes higher education, youth, fire/EMS, and veterans within Monroe County, Indiana.

Our goal is to train many individuals from all walks of life in Mental Health First Aid and for them to become aware of the impacts of mental health problems to help reduce stigma and encourage access to appropriate resources.

Heather Dolne, Program Manager

Interested in MHFA training?

Contact us at for more information. Trainings are ongoing for individuals and organizations located in Monroe County, Indiana.

MHFA is an 8-hour course (typically from 8am-5pm) that provides information on how to assist someone experiencing a mental health concern and practices how to approach a crisis in the appropriate manner until professional help can arrive. These trainings certify each participant as a qualified Mental Health First Aider by providing a certificate of completion and continuing education hours to each participant.

MHAT has launched an evidence-based social marketing and awareness campaign that will help decrease the stigma of mental illness and increase the awareness of the need for culturally appropriate services for the targeted population groups. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Partnering Organizations

  • IU Bloomington
  • Monroe County Fire Chief’s Association
  • Girls Inc.
  • Banneker Community Center

Referral Agencies

  • Centerstone
  • CAPS
  • Substance Use Intervention Services
  • IU Center for Human Growth