Data and statistical analysis are essential to making evidence-based decisions about programs, policies, and ideas. Prevention Insights works with organizations to develop and implement tailored plans for data acquisition and analysis. Our goal is to turn data into information that is accessible to our partners and their stakeholders so that it can inform and support their decisions.

Our staff has experience with a range of methodological and statistical techniques including regression analysis, general linear model, multivariate analysis, latent class analysis, and predictive analytics. We have implemented surveys for over 25 years and can support the full lifecycle from design and data collection to validation and analysis. Our capacity includes both online and in person surveys for any size of audience.

Beyond data collection, we have the experience and technology to output results that are informative and engaging. From customized reports and structured data to interactive websites and data visualization, we can prepare data to suit a wide variety of needs.

Work Samples

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Fairfax Youth Survey

The Fairfax County Youth Survey examines behaviors and other factors that influence the well-being of the county's youth. We have developed an interactive website that allows users to visualize the results, see trends, and explore the data with custom queries.

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Indiana College Survey

The Indiana College Substance Use Survey assesses students’ substance use, mental health, gambling, and risk and protective factors that can impact student success. We design, facilitate, and analyze the survey, producing individualized reports for schools that participate.

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County Profiles Data

Annually, we create in-depth, searchable data profiles for Indiana counties that include risk and protective factors, substance use, mental health, and more. They enable community organizations to understand their environment and plan better programs.

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Subject Experts

Mikyoung Jun

Survey Statistician & Assistant Research Scientist

David Tidd

Programmer and Data Analyst

Rosie King

Evaluation and Grants Specialist