For decades, Prevention Insights has provided formative and summative evaluation services to organizations to assess the impact of evidence-based prevention programs, practices, and policies. Our partnering organizations have come from a variety of settings including government agencies, schools, youth organizations, community coalitions, primary care clinics, and hospitals. We are well-versed in participatory evaluation, which entails serving in a consultancy role to other organizations.

Prevention Insights provides a unique synergy between academic research and community-driven evaluation and integration work. We benefit from all of the research resources available at Indiana University and are fully integrated into the robust research environment in the School of Public Health, while at the same time, we have learned from years of experience how to collaborate and convey research expertise to non-academic agencies as well.

We especially focus on customers’ needs in preparing our work, and do not believe that ‘one-size-fits-all’ procedures, analyses, or approaches are appropriate for most evaluation projects.

Work Sample

Since 1993, Prevention Insights has been responsible for the content design, recruitment, data collection, analysis, and reporting for a statewide surveillance monitoring survey, the Indiana Youth Survey (INYS). It serves as a guide for school and community policy development, and in recent years, as strong longitudinal data for the state, after we implemented a stratified random sampling methodology.

Further work on enhancing the INYS includes:

  • Employing our computer programming and design capacities to develop individually-tailored web-based surveys and systems to monitor recruitment activities
  • Creating an annual state-level monograph that analyzes data according to sub-state planning regions and demographic characteristics
  • Performing summary and bivariate statistics for inclusion in the monograph, while more complex observations and multivariate analyses of these data are published in peer-reviewed journals

Subject Experts

Dan Agley

Evaluation Specialist & Assistant Research Scientist

Cris Henderson

Evaluation Specialist & Research Associate

Hope McMickle

Evaluation Specialist