Technical assistance is a way for organizations to use expert help to assess their current capacity, build on strengths, and address underlying needs. Prevention Insights sees technical assistance as a collaborative approach, where we learn the unique challenges and environment surrounding a program and then adapt our assistance to suit it individually. The goal is to help organizations advance more quickly and assuredly than they might on their own. Own technical assistance experts can:

  • Devise a comprehensive assistance package comprised of interactive training, technical assistance, and evaluation feedback
  • Guide communities through the Strategic Prevention Framework, ensuring that programs are implemented with fidelity and evaluated properly
  • Assist with program planning, environmental strategies, service implementation, and consultation
  • Provide expertise in Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) implementation, problem gambling treatment, and other addiction issues

Work Samples

SBIRT logo

SBIRT Implementation

We have assisted dozens of healthcare organizations in implementing SBIRT. Take a look at our TA resources, including an implementation webinar.

TA Resources
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Gambling Awareness

IPGAP provides technical assistance for prevention and treatment of problem gambling and co-occurring issues in Indiana.

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Communities that Care

CTC is a community-based process of identifying and addressing risk and protective factors within specific communities.

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  • Service Implementation and Design
  • Program Administration and Planning
  • Workforce Development
  • Policy Consultation
  • Grant Services
  • Presentation Design & Development
  • Enhancement of Community Capacity

Subject Experts

Mary Lay

Problem Gambling Awareness Program Manager & Research Associate

Katharine Sadler

Technical Assistance Specialist & Research Associate

Desiree Reynolds

Organizational Wellness Program Manager & Research Associate